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Outstanding manner and shaping, elegant and natural colours, superb manufacturing techniques, all are the best expressions of comforts. The Bianchi Sand Grey armchair provides a real oasis of well-being and invites you to relax. It is expertly crafted from the finest wood and leather. The wood-embracing armrest smoothly connects with the base frame, creating a harmonious sense of continuity. This leather armchair is available in 3 sizes (Armchair / 2-Seater / 3-Seater).

American walnut is one of the most sought-after species in the markets across the world and is unique to North America. The sapwood of walnut is creamy white, whilst the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown, making the difference in colour rather distinct. Sporadically the heartwood has dark, even purple, streaks. The wood of walnut is commonly straight grained, although sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces its characteristic and attractive figure, sought after by designers. The wood is rated as very resistant to heartwood decay and is one of the most durable (decay resistant) American hardwoods.

The build quality of the Shine Mount table is exemplary, and evident in its materials and finish. Attention-grabbing from all angles, the Rossi Armchair is simply an unmissable chair.

Material: North American Black Walnut, Ligneous, Cortical


Width: 142

Depth: 98

Height: 85


  • Designed for enduring beauty by our talented designers from Italy
  • Exemplary build quality and is evident in its materials and finish
  • Rated as very resistant to heartwood decay
  • One of the most durable (decay resistant) American hardwoods
  • The uneven edges of the table slab are painstakingly sanded down and polished by hand to bring the wildness of nature into the modern home.
  • Sturdy Sofa with solid wood legs that immediately establish itself as the centrepiece of any living space.


Additional information

Weight 4000 g







wood frame & Cortical




Living room


sofas + loveseats


W142 x D98 x H85


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